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Other Uses of our
Subject Matter Expertise 

Barry Kozak has developed a subject matter expertise in retirement, old age, end-of-life, estate distribution, and legacy issues.  While that is the main attribute he offers to clients of Estate Law HELP, he welcomes other opportunities to educate, whether through direct contact as a key note presenter, an expert witness, or an additional member of another professional's support team, or through behind-the-scenes assistance, such as being a sounding board for an advocacy project or imparting enough information to another professional so that he or she does the right thing for and looks good in front of his/her clients.

“If you can't explain it simply,
you don't understand it well enough.

- Albert Einstein

Delivering Insight presenations

     Do I need insight through a presentation to

     my team or my members?


We can generally speak in front of any group about general financial wellness, planning for retirement, old age, and end-of-life issues, and strategies for estate planning and leaving a financial and non-financial legacy, wealth accumulation and protection, business succession, and gifting.


In addition to the legal issues, we understand the financial, social, psychological, and health issues that generally accompany retirement, especially if retirement is sudden because of health issues or the loss of the job.


Although we have a catalog of developed presentations and handouts, we can tailor new presentations to the needs of any specific audience.

Delivering Insight assistance

     Do I need insight to allow me or my team

     to look better in front of our clients? 

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Assisting Colleagues

A variety of professionals, from the financial services professional, to the insurance agent, to the bank trust officer, to the accountant, to the pension plan administrator or IRA custodian, to the in-home medical care provider, to the long-term care advisor, to the Hospice consultant, to the social worker, to the retirement coach, to the funeral director who advises on prepaid arrangements, to many other professionals, will be contacted with a deluge of questions from their clients related to planning for retirement, aging, end of life, or legacies, but might not have the expertise or might have some questions.

We can educate you and your team behind-the scenes, or we can join the collective team of professionals who are advising your client.  We simply want you to look good in front of your clients and that you are providing competent counsel and advice.

     Do I need insight through advocacy, research,

     or general subject matter expertise?

Delivering Insight research
Research, Advocacy, and Community Outreach

If you are a professional firm or an organization that wants an academic to partner with  for a single project, or a series of projects, related to either macro- or micro- aspects of retirement, aging, or legacies, then we can provide the objective insight and sounding board you desire.


Additionally, we can assist you in any advocacy project or communication campaign, or we could provide objective or persuasive expert testimony in litigation, arbitration, or mediation in regard to these areas for which we have he established a subject matter expertise.

     So, click here to contact us if:

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you want to discuss if, how, and when we can share our subject matter expertise.

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