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Special Promotion for Fellow Members of the 
NorthCenter Chamber of Commerce

Hello, fellow members of the NCCC.

I just opened this estate planning practice, and the first 10 fellow members who contact me will receive a personally-tailored “basic” life planning and estate planning package for a significant discount.

I win because you will assist me in learning my software procedures and developing my internal protocols (the practice began operations on September 1). 

You win because you will receive relevant insight and some of the most important planning documents at a reduced price. 

No tricks or catches to this offer.  

If you are one of the first 10 members of the Chamber who signs up below, then for $750, I will provide you with a "Basic" Retirement, Aging and Estate Planning Package," which includes:

  • Insight on

    • how you might plan to fund your retirement with fixed income (such as your Social Security benefits, annuities, and bond portfolios) and the decumulation of your nest egg (such as distributions from your IRAs and employer plans and the selling off of your personal investments and assets);

    • how to plan for Medicare;

    • the costs and realities of long-term care;

    • how to develop your own self-care preferences plan should you ever need long-term care but cannot communicate your wishes;

    • how to safely age at home or to consider moving; and 

    • how to think about your end-of-life, including hospice care, pre-paid funerals, and life insurance; and

  • Actual documents that will become effective when signed and properly witnessed:​

    • A Durable Power of Attorney for Property contract (or two contracts if the agent for your business continuation is different than the agent for all of your other property);

    • A Durable Power of Attorney for Health contract (and a package of other medical directive forms that you should discuss with your doctor and complete with his or her insight); and

    • A simple will, where all of your property will be distributed per your wishes upon your death.

Under my business model, every potential client will be provided with a fixed fee menu.  Without disclosing my normal prices here, please note that the $750 I will charge you, as a fellow member of the NCCC, is a significant discount.  If in our discussions you discover that you desire additional planning, such as trusts or business succession planning, or if you want to assist additional members of your family in their planning, then I will show you the fixed fee menu, and I will offer a similar professional discount. 

Again, this is a great way for me to get to know fellow members and to learn how to efficiently run my practice, and it allows you to get individual advice and insight that you cannot get from other sources for that low fixed fee.

During the COVID-19 period, our initial meeting and our proof-reading meeting will be through a secured (but recorded) video-conference, and then the signing meeting can also be done through a video-conference (but this meeting will be a more difficult process because I will need to coordinate witnesses and notaries under the current Illinois emergency protocols signed into effect through Governor Pritzker's ememrgency order), or if possible, it can be live at your offices, my offices, or any other neutral place that has some privacy and that allows for the proper social distancing.

Contact Us For This Deal

Thanks for signing up! We will contact you through email as soon as possible!

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