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We educate individuals and families about all aspects of financial wellness, we help them to prioritize their financial, social, health, spiritual and other goals through efficient planning, and then we implement the legal documents that will assist them in reaching their Retirement, Aging, Estate, and Legacy aspirations.

“If you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail."

- Benjamin Franklin

RAEL Retirement

     Do I need to plan for an enjoyable retirement?

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Retirement Budget

Do you want to plan for financial independence, or do you want to ask your family for money or the government for welfare assistance?

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Retirement Philosophy

Do you want to ease into a retirement lifestyle, or do you just want to find yourself at some point in time with nothing to do and nowhere to go?

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Medical Care Expenses

Do you want to be able to receive preventative, wellness, and maintenance  medical care when you want it, or do you only want to go to the emergency room for urgent care?

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Long-Term Care Expenses

Do you want to control who will provide long-term care for you should you need it, or do you want to become a burden on, and a patient of, your family?

RAEL Aging

     Do I need to plan to age with control and dignity?

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Aging at Home

Do you want to retrofit your home or move to a new home while you are in control, or do you want to come home after a medical emergency and find it is no longer a safe place for you?

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Decisions over Property
and Health

Do you want to choose your team of supporters who you trust to make the difficult decision if you ever should suffer from diminished mental capacity, and then have your surrogate decisions makers follow your instructions, or do you want to be sued and sit as a defendant in an adult guardianship hearing, and then have the judge appoint a guardian who will make decisions over your property and health that satisfy the judge's oversight?

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Your Memorial

Do you want to provide instructions about how you will be memorialized, or do you want your family to vacillate between grieving and planning your funeral on the day you die?

     Do I need to plan for my estate and non-financial legacy?

RAEL estate and legacy
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Last Will and Testament

Do you want to determine your potential heirs and how your property will be distributed among them, or do you want the State to demand how your property only passes to your surviving spouse and blood relatives?


Do you want some of your assets to be quickly and efficiently distributed to your heirs, or do you want all of your assets to go through a lengthy, public, costly and possibly contentious probate hearing?

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Your Financial Legacy

Do you want to establish and fund a simple trust which is either revocable during your life or that is created through your Will which will provide the instructions for distributions of certain property (especially non-liquid assets) after all of your creditors and taxes have been paid, or do you want those assets sold for whatever a willing buyer offers to your Estate Administrator so that all of the cash can be immediately distributed to your heirs?

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How WIll You Be Remembered?

Do you want your mortal legacy to last far beyond your mortal coil, possibly through philanthropic contributions to charities and civic organizations or through passing along to your family a summary of your ethics, family tree, and general raison d'être that guided you through your life, or do you want to fade from current memories to only be remembered on each anniversary of your death?

     So, click here to contact us if:

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  • you have never planned before;

  • your family dynamics have changed;

  • your current lifestyle has changed; or

  • your goals, fears or reality have changed!

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